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Inspired by the British music scene of the 90’s, Slow Emotion Replay also stirs up memories of Bowie, Nick Cave and Radiohead’s approach to rage, sensuality and melancholy. All with a myriad of essence that doesn’t fit one classification.
There is a quest of silence and peace of mind on all the songs, often surrounded by a romantic yet reasoned poetry. ‘Love always brings peculiar behaviors’ says Lazzo.

Live, Slow Emotion Replay is an impulsive experience. It can build up from an intimate, acoustic, largely atmospheric performance to conclude in a cruel mix of over driven guitars and harsh choruses.

With Lazzo's unique granular tone, smoothly delivered like a sand glass. Pure and intimate, the band transcends simplicity.  


Their first full length album is being recorded at The Blind Spot Studio, and will be released in 2019.